Welcome to our website. My hope is that you will find the information on our web pages informative and inspirational.

The Padre Pio Gottin Charities organization was created to carry on the charitable work of Padre Pio Gottin, a Franciscan priest who lived his life in service to others. The organization was established in February 2000, following the unexpected death of Padre Pio, to pursue and strengthen his ideals.

Since 2000, Padre Pio Gottin Charities has provided assistance to children and families in the United States and Cape Verde in the form of monetary support, food, clothing, medication and other supplies. We have also invested in improving education and social services of several schools and Parishes in Cape Verde.

With this website we hope to share the story of this wonderful man with the world and invite others to be a part of his legacy by cooperating with the organization. There are many ways to support the work of the organization and I hope that you will be inspired to help.

Thanks for visiting our website and thanks in advance for your support.


Crisolita Pontes-Alves